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‘Ġaħan fl-Aqwa Żmien’- Mark Camillieri’s First Satire Novel Hits Shelves

Light Reading?

Mark Camilleri, author, historian and publisher is to debut his first satire novel next Tuesday. The book, ‘Ġaħan fl-Aqwa Żmien’ is centred around Dustin, a Ġaħan (colloquially known as a fool) in a Ġaħan’s country, with the main character ending in hilarious situations. Despite being a satire, it appears to be a call for the Maltese to have a good, hard look at themselves.

Double Wammy

The political satire’s title itself is reference to a Labour Party slogan and ‘Ġaħan’ a slur used by ex-Minister Edward Zammit Lewis describing his constituents. Camilleri, who penned the serious ‘A Rentseekers’ Paradise’, explores themes of political decadence and ‘Ġaħanism’, a term the author coined himself.

Roughly, ‘Ġaħanism’ refers to Labour voters who give their vote in exchange for favours as well as the general greed of the country.

Dustin, the protagonist, encapsulates ‘Ġaħanism’ in that he is lazy and comical. Having said that, and that Dustin is alienated, he is no fool and has a mind of his own that often leads him to his own demise. This is far from the child-friendly folk character.

Does the concept of ‘Ġaħan fl-Aqwa Żmien’ and its self-reflective ideas intrigue you?

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