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Cab Driver Won’t Testify After Attack As He’s Being Investigated For Other Crimes

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

Joseph de Celis Makyuta, a cab driver who fell victim to a horrific beating, is refusing to testify in court in relation to this incident as he fears that it may jeopardize other cases which he is involved in.

The attack on de Celis Makyuta had garnered national attention after he shared photos of himself bloodied and bruised on Facebook last month, after he had been allegedly brutally assaulted by a drunk British passenger whilst he was driving him from Valletta to Mellieħa.

The passenger in question, 19 year-old Oliver Chandler Kassim from the UK, has pleaded not guilty to attacking de Celis Makyuta .

While in court, de Celis Makyuta’s lawyer, Kris Busietta, informed Magistrate Rachel Montebello that he won’t be testifying , as he is currently being investigated for having robbed Chandler Kassim , as well as whether his injuries could have been self-inflicted.

Police investigations into the matter continue.

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