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Colonizing Comino: ERA Allows Assessment, Gives Go Ahead For Hotel and Bungalows


A near-certain go-ahead has been granted to an HV Hospitality Limited project that plans to erect a hotel and a ‘village’ of bungalows in Comino. The ERA (Environmental Resources Agency) voted for a second time to allow an environmental assessment to be carried out on Comino, giving the go-ahead, on condition that certain requirements are met. This was done by an amendment to the initial project proposal by HV Hospitality Ltd.

SideStreet reached out to Moviment Graffitti regarding the matter. Despite being consulted, the NGO has serious reservations.


The conditions in question are the drawing back of the development by 1600 metres squared in order to protect the Garigue landscape. Financial guarantees were also made to protect the environment, both terrestrial and marine, as well as full plan transparency.

Furthermore, the chopping of 381 protected trees must be compensated by replantation of 1200 new trees.

Amongst concerns already taken into account by the assessment, Moviment Graffitti also emphasized that the bungalow expansion has not been pushed back like that of the hotel. They claim some of the conditions imposed are unrealistic, particularly those of sound and light pollution.

They are totally against the privatization of Comino which will ultimately turn a public nature reserve into high-end real estate and totally disrupt its ecology.

Will Comino ever be left alone?

Article written with special thanks to Moviment Graffitti for their consultation.

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