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Comino 1 Month From Takeover: Little Improvement

Not the Case

Exactly a month from the Comino takeover by Moviment Graffitti, activists have revisited the island to see if their action protest truly attracted the attention of the authorities. It appears this is not the case however.

The PM had stated that a “balance” was reached regarding Comino following certain promises to safeguard the island by Minister Clayton Bartolo. Moviment Graffitti’s findings beg to differ.

Holistic and Sustainable

Minister for Tourism Bartolo, claimed shortly after the protest that happened exactly a month ago that bathers may ask for the removal of deckchairs and the owners are obliged to cooperate. He claimed this was already being done.

Furthermore, he stated that the environment must be protected not only on Comino but all over Malta. He stated plans to manage Comino in a “holistic”, sustainable way.

Too Much

Graffiti Activists found that deckchairs were being placed before tourists arrive again and litter remained a problem. The idea of capping the number of visitors to island is totally undermined by large boats bringing excessive visitors.

Furthermore, San Niklaw Bay has been shut off to the public by Hili Group. An activist stated, “Instead of more meaningless talk, fast action is required."

Is there any hope for Comino's preservation?

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