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Disappearance of Karmenu Fino Due To ‘Shortcomings In The Standard Of Care’ , Inquiry Finds

An internal inquiry into the disappearance of Karmenu Fino from St Vincent De Paul has found that Fino’s disappearance was the result of shortcomings in the standard of care provided by employees rather than a systematic failure.

The conclusions of the internal inquiry were announced by Active Aging Minister,Jo Ettiene Abela, in a press conference today.

The internal inquiry, which was led by retired Judge Geoffrey Valencia, had started on 29th June, just a day after 83-year old Fino went missing from St Vincent De Paul.

It has since then been revealed that Fino suffers from dementia, and had simply walked out of the facility in the early hours of the morning. He is yet to be found.

Abela explained how from Valencia’s findings, it was apparent that ‘several employees on that night [the night that Fino went missing] failed in their duty of standard of care. They did not respect the operating procedure of the facility which resulted in the unfortunate disappearance of Fino.’

The outcomes of the inquiry have been forwarded to the management of the facility, who whilst they are unable to take disciplinary action against the employees in question, can still introduce preventative measures.

The inquiry will also be forwarded to the Commissioner for the Elderly ,Godfrey Laferla, and the Social Care and Standards Authority CEO, Lisa Cassar Shaw. The Ministry for Senior Citizens and Active Ageing has communicated with Fino’s family, and the union which represents the employees concerned.

Referring to the body of a man which was found in the middle of July at an advanced stage of decomposition in a field near Ghar Dalam, in Birzebbuga, Abela said that they are not excluding the possibility of it being Fino’s.

However, this cannot be confirmed as police are still waiting for DNA test results.

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