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Dream Come True: Wheelchair-bound Mother and Widow Taken to Lourdes


Wheelchair-bound Frances Camilleri, mother of 5 and recent widow, is delighted to be going to Lourdes, France on a Pilgrimage led by Archbishop Mons. Charles J. Scicluna. This is all thanks to the hard work of The Society for the Transport of Sick People to Lourdes.


Lourdes, the site of much Christian devotion, will be Mrs Camilleri's 2nd trip abroad in her lifetime thus far. Furthermore, Mrs Camilleri who, is deeply devout herself, is counting the days to the departure. She has accepted that she is stuck in a wheelchair and only prays that she remains as she is and that she will never be unhappy.


She is very thankful for the help from her children who take care of her but misses her husband dearly as they were very much in love.

This will be the 90th time that The Society for the Transport of Sick People to Lourdes is going on pilgrimage following a 2 year COVID-19 pause. 180 people will be going

up this year, 50 of which are volunteers.

We wish Mrs Camilleri a lovely trip!

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