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Exclusive: Doctors For Choice Respond To Archbishop’s Anti- Abortion Rhetoric


Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna has taken a solid stance against the EU parliament’s vote to make abortion a human right. Lovin’ Malta has quoted Scicluna to call abortion as the “worst” type of “discarding”.

He outright stated abortion is the right to “killing of an innocent baby”.

He stated the Church will oppose this hard and hinted at naming and shaming those in favour.


It has boiled down to a battle of beliefs: the orders of the Church vs. the ethics of the people. SideStreet reached out to Doctors4Choice for their comment.

Doctors For Choice spokesperson Chris Barbara stated right off the bat that despite Scicluna’s “personal views” as well as the laws of Malta. Abortions are happening daily, that the abortion ban doesn’t hinder this but raises stigma and blocks women from medical attention risking their health.


In short, “the right thing to do is to legalize abortion” as well as bolster sexual education and easy access to contraception. In short a ‘prevention better than cure’ mindset.

On Scicluna’s subtle ‘naming and shaming’ tactic, Barbara said that they are not ashamed. He claims that his organization wants people to have a choice. Is the Church is scared to allow people to choose?

Has the Archbishop changed your views on abortion?

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