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Former Japanese PM Shino Abe Assassinated


Former Japanese PM Shino Abe has succumbed to 2 gunshot wounds to the chest from an improvised weapon. Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was speaking during a candidate event in the city of Nara when he was shot twice, the second shot to the back causing him to fall to the ground.


The assassin, allegedly Tetsuya Yamagami, aged 41, is suspected of carrying out the hit claiming his reasons were dissatisfaction with Abe. Yamagami, a former Navy member, used a crude home-made firearm, due to Japan's strict gun laws, which he hid behind his back as he attempted to escape. He has been apprehended.

Abe, aged 67, has been reported to have suffered cardiac and pulmonary arrest, meaning the cessation of their function. He was airlifted to a nearby hospital before he passed.

He was the longest serving prime minister in Japanese history and was the president of the Liberal-Democratic Party.

We offer “o-kuyami moushiagemasu” (condolences) to the Japanese people in the wake of this tragedy.

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