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He “Took away my safety, trust, and hope”- Alleged Rape Victim Speaks Out

3 Months 6 Days

Three months and 6 days to the date of a nightmarish incident, Emma Attard, a former patient of Mount Carmel Hospital has spoken point out blank on social media after months of expressing herself through art, “This is my bed in which I was raped in by a carer from Mount Carmel Hospital,” The alleged rapist has not even been charged.


The alleged rapist is Maltese and worked as a carer at Mount Carmel. He allegedly persisted in inappropriate requests for personal information. He continued to speak to her after she was discharged.

He allegedly attempted to manipulate her saying “he helps people” and she didn’t want his help making Attard feel very guilty. She finally gave him her address.


She calls the incident a blatant invasion of her safe space she says it, “left me feeling betrayed, lost, shaken, cold and loveless,” so much so that apart from a herculean journey of recovery she also has to “relearn love”. Attard is due to be married shortly but her cry for justice seems to remain unheard.

The alleged culprit has only been suspended from his post.

Do you think the authorities will answer Ms Attard’s call for justice?

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