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Junior College To Opting to Introduce 4-Year Course Programme, In Light Of Working Students

An increase in the amount of teenage breadwinners has led to Junior College doubling the amount of years it takes for them to complete their studies, in light of many students having no option but to work as a means to support their families.

This announcement was made by the college's Vice Principal, Roderick Vassallo, who stated that the college administration is frequently being told by students that they have no choice but to enter the workforce whilst they are studying, so as to be able to their family's breadwinners.

Vassallo has stated that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to more 'social cases', where an increasing amount of students have no other choice but to work as they are family breadwinners, with these cases mainly arising due to an illness in the family, or due to none of their relatives working.

The option to request that a period of studies be extended to 4 years was offered to students with learning difficulties in the past, however this choice is now being offered to all students enrolled at Junior College. Vassallo said that the college is working on improving marketing for the courses which are offered, so as to ensure those who need a flexible arrangement are now made aware that this is possible.

Vassallo went on to say that the combination of many students working at the same time as following a full-time course would often lead to them dropping out of their studies, and it is hoped that these changes will address this, by giving this opportunity to students who would have otherwise ended their studies earlier.

The number of students signing up for these flexible arrangements is not yet available, as late applications have remained open. Whilst students will discuss their needs with the college's Admissions Board and lecturers, most who take up the 'Flexi Programme' will opt to have their course split into two periods.

Do you agree with these changes ?

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