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Just Received Your Results? Here's a Guide on What to Do Next.

If you've just received your results and are feeling unsure on what you next step is, we've put together a short guide that will help you decide what path is best for you.

Enrol into 6th Form

Enrol in a sixth form to obtain the matriculation certificate and further your studies at the University of Malta.

Different sixth forms have different entry requirements, lesson durations and online application dates so make sure to check out each respective prospectus online:

University of Malta

Enrol at the University of Malta to obtain an undergraduate degree and continue your studies at a postgraduate level.

The deadline for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses commencing in October 2022 is 21 July at 14:00


A training institution targeted towards vocational education. They offer both part-time and full-time courses with different entry level requirements.

Online applications are open from 18 July to 5 September 2022 (1st and 2nd call).


Ideal for students looking for a career in the hospitality and tourism industry. Applications are open and will remain open till 8 August 2022 (apply online).


For students wishing to obtain a UK degree in multiple. They offer multiple business and computing degrees to choose from. Individual attention and breakdown of costs into monthly installments.


Wish to enter the workforce? Check out Jobsplus and browse through their numerous vacancies and training schemes.


O-levels: Resits are available for Maths, English Language, Maltese and Physics/Biology/Chemistry.

A-levels and Intermediates: A supplementary session is available in September 2022.

Check out the MATSEC website: to find out if you are eligible for a resit and to apply.


We hope this guide helped you decide what route is best for you! Comment down below if you found this content useful.

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