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Local McDonalds Set To Increase Prices, Amidst Soaring Inflation

Local McDonalds eateries are set to increase the prices of some of their menu items, after their businesses have become the latest to be hit by rising inflation.

This comes after reports in the British media which confirmed that McDonalds eateries will raise the price of its cheeseburgers by 20%, with this being the first price hike to take place in 14 years, amidst soaring inflation in the UK.

When contacted by Times of Malta, a spokesperson for Premier Capital plc ,the licensee for the local McDonalds, confirmed that local prices are also set to increase.

The spokesperson said that ‘our primary focus at McDonald’s is always to deliver the best possible value to our customers’. “Our customers’ loyalty takes priority in any decision-making, and we are absorbing as much of the effects of inflation as we can. However, price adjustments have become necessary on a number of menu items most impacted by rising inflation,” the spokesperson added.

No more details about which menu items will see an increase in price and by how much were made available.

Are you concerned by soaring inflation ?

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