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London’s Burning: UK Faces Record-Breaking Heatwave


The UK is in chaos as temperatures hit 40.2C marked at Heathrow AIrport today. This beat the UK’s previous highest temperature of 38.7C and is expected to rise to at least 43C.

To really emphasize how hot the UK is today, it is warmer than not only Europe but currently even Jamaica and Barbados.


This devastated transport chiefly from flight delays due to melting tarmac on parts of Luton airport’s runways to sheer chaos with the trains.

Apart from certain rails simply buckling with heat, many links have stopped and the Transport Secretary released a statement, 'depending on the nature of your journey and reason for it, you might want to consider rearranging your day around it'.


Due to the high temperatures’ risk to health, postmen have been told to return from their rounds early, certain schools have closed and hospitals postponed non urgent appointments.

Furthermore, the heat has given rise to a bout of water-related injuries and deaths including a boy who drowned in the River Tyne. Apparently, the heatwave is to come to a halt tomorrow, however, with a violent storm being predicted.

Do you still think climate change is still a government conspiracy theory?

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