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Love It Or Hate It Remote-Working Is Here To Stay, Finds EU Study

EU E-Survey

It appears remote-working is not going away anytime soon, an e-survey has found. The findings of the study by Eurofound were presented by it’s executive director Ivailo Kalfin at the Insights webinar series.

Titled Living and working in an era of disruption the study was finished in May 2022, involved 200,000 European respondents with survey repeats every 6 months for 5 cycles.

A Privilege

Despite drawbacks, the teleworking model is here to stay, found the study. Kalfin called remote working a “privilege” with employees warming up to the idea, especially women, as it allows a better work-life balance.

Interestingly, the study found that it was young people who opposed remote working as they experience “more stress” and need an office to “find their place”.

North vs South

Another interesting finding was a division in trends between the north and south of Europe. Finland, for example had prevalent remote workers whilst southern European countries insisted workers return to the office as soon as sanctions allowed.

It was hoped that mental wellbeing would improve with the advent of remote-working, the risk of depression remains high.

Do you need an office to 'find your place'?

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