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Malta's Youth Are Going Homeless, Prepare Yourself

"In short, the Maltese government cares more about foreign investment at any cost than its own youth."

As things stand, younger generations don't stand a chance of owning any property without being hustled for life.

The economic situation is toxic for us. It's time to grow a pair, speak up and try to secure a decent future for ourselves. Right now, we're screwed.

To begin with, a study on Malta’s property situation has revealed that since 2013, property prices have doubled. In other words, the average asking price for property is now €200,000, a rise the study called “barely sustainable”.

The root of all this is the increase in price of a metre squared according to the study.

A property of 115m² would cost an estimated €1739 per m². So then, why did Maltese government sell premium land to investors at 0.47c per m²?

Whilst the youth have a housing crisis, Maltese government has made headlines about a hush deal selling land at insanely low prices with the scope of the investors making over €60 million profit from the deal. In short, the Maltese government cares more about foreign investment at any cost than its own youth.

"With the old devouring the young, we can only save ourselves"

The Constitution of Malta claims to protect our right to "enjoyment of property" as a fundamental freedom and right of the individual. Evidently, this is only applicable if you are rich enough. Meanwhile, the Maltese minimum wage remains the second lowest in Europe

This is leads to our private and family lives being in jeopardy due to the oppression of a crippling loan to a bank. With the old devouring their own young we can only save ourselves. In the face of this savage capitalism, we must unite and act as one. Only then will they pay dearly for every m² they overcharge us.

So that our hard-earned wages won’t buy us time from foreclosure.

So that careless foreign investors don’t get rich off our crisis.

Big business and government think they can buy us off like slaves but the for call for an immediate, united, resistance of the new generation cannot be louder.

Which side are you on?

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