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Maltese Man Tests Positive After Being Told He Can Exit Quarantine By Health Authorities

A Maltese woman has taken to the popular Facebook group ‘The Salott’ to share her COVID-19 experience which resulted in her husband being told he can freely exit the house without getting tested, only to find out he was still positive.

“On the 11th of February, my husband and I both tested positive for the virus. We were contacted by the authorities and were told to stay indoors for 2 weeks.” the woman wrote.

Upon completion of the mandatory 14 day quarantine, the couple phoned the health authorities, asking if they should take another test. However, the health authorities said that once the 14 days had elapsed, no further testing was required.

Choosing to play it safe, the couple went ahead and got re-tested anyway. “We decided to get tested again, especially since my husband's line of work requires him to meet different people on a daily basis.”

2 days later the test results arrived, indicating that her husband was still COVID-19 positive. Meanwhile a notice received in the mail from the health authorities stated that he is free to leave the house.

“I am totally disgusted with the way things are being handled with regards to COVID-19” Daniela Testa Carbone wrote following this experience. “Why are people being told they can leave the house after 14 days without getting tested? No wonder cases are on the rise daily !"


Should people be tested after completing quarantine ?

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