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Minor Defilement And Blackmail: The Authorities’ Take

In Good Hands

Following 3 cases of minor defilement in a single, terrible week, reported by SideStreet Malta, we have reached out to the Police, specifically the Cyber Crime Unit, and the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS). We asked for their views on the crimes, involving assaulted and blackmailed minors, and any possible advice they could offer.

These are their responses.

When questioned if there is a fault in the system leading to such a surge, Mr Libreri, Director of Child Protection Services, answered.

There is no evidence for the claim of a failing in the system. Rather, the surge of cases should be seen as the system actually working to protect minors. Had they not, no cases would have been raised. However, he claims that there might be a bias of leniency towards the culprit within the judicial system

On another note, on the case of explicit and incriminating pictures sent by a minor, and furthermore the prevalence of cybersex in the younger generations;

The police stated that “prevention is better than cure” but education and awareness is crucial to avoiding ‘cyber traps’. They educate and advise youth and parents regularly.

SideStreet thanks the Cyber Crime Unit and the FSWS for their excellent work and participation.

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