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Monkeypox In Malta: 11 Cases So Far

Monkey Business

We have 11 registered active cases of monkeypox in Malta. This was disclosed by Health Minister Chris Fearne earlier today. The protocol at the moment is that anyone infected must isolate at home.

Since the arrival of monkeypox to Malta on the 28th of May, no case was severe enough to warrant hospitalization.

So Far So Good?

The WHO reported that monkeypox cases in the EU had tripled within 2 weeks. In a statement by the Regional Director for Europe, Hans Kluge, there was a call to increase efforts at limiting the spread of the disease as much as possible. As of yet, monkeypox has not been deemed a global health emergency. No deaths have been reported so far.

Another Virus

Monkeypox is a virus that can be spread by close person-person contact more so if they come in contact with the lesions. Contamination is also possible from skin flakes in clothes or towels. Fortunately, monkeypox does have a vaccine. The severity of monkeypox is usually only due to complications.

Do you think we're underestimating the effects of monkeypox?

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