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Monumental Mintoff: Ex-PM Villa Granted Grade 1 Protection


The Environment and Planning Review Tribunal has safeguarded Ex-PM Dom Mintoff’s Villa in Tarxien from being developed following an protection rejection appeal from a developer. The villa, which has historical as well as architectural value has been granted Grade 1 protection, usually reserved for monuments.

Grade 1

The appeal to reject the protection of the villa, named ‘The Olives’, by a developer was for the purpose of building more floors in a block of apartments adjacent to the building.

The Grade 1 protection, apart from protecting it from any alterations to the architecture also protects it from developments in the nearby vicinity, in this case, most of Triq Ix-Xintill.

The Grade 1 status is shared by the Auberge de Castille and San Anton Palace, among others. It gained this status on the grounds of “its historical, political and social significance” aside from architectural value.

Normally, such a building would be awarded Grade 2 scheduling, akin to the Farson’s Brewery. It is inhabited by Yana Mintoff.

Do you think such grading is justified?

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