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Moviment Graffitti To Hold Second Protest Over Comino’s Blue Lagoon

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Moviment Graffitti has announced that it is to hold its second protest over the state of the Comino’s Blue Lagoon on August 13th. The NGO said that it’s holding a public protest to reclaim Blue Lagoon and stop it from being hijacked by commercial interests.

This is the second protest which Moviment Graffitti is holding at Blue Lagoon, following the much-publicised protest held at the beginning of summer during which deckchairs were physically removed. Moviment Graffitti has lamented about how the area is being crammed by deckchairs and umbrella’s, with them often put up before they are actually needed.

Apart from the scenic area being taken up by deck chairs and umbrellas, Movement Graffiti has also pointed towards large boats that bring in thousands of tourists per week.

Unfortunately, Movement Graffiti said that only a few deck chairs on a small sandy part of Blue Lagoon have been removed, whilst the rest of the area – on the quay, the walkway, and the other small beach – was still covered in empty deck chairs and umbrellas.

In light of the current situation, the NGO has made the following demands:

1. Deckchairs and umbrellas are only set up at the request of a person physically present on the spot, and AT NO TIME should they occupy more than 30% of the entire area of the Blue Lagoon

2. Big boats which disembark hundreds of tourists at a time should be prohibited from Comino

3. There should be a limit of two small kiosks, without music, in the Blue Lagoon

4. There should be restrictions on the type and amount of waste generated, and this should be collected every day in the evening to avoid sustaining rats, which cause great damage to the natural environment

The public are invited to join this protest on Saturday 13th August, and may book their place on a boat via a registration form on: Boats will be departing to Blue Lagoon from Ċirkewwa and Mġarr (Gozo) at 8am. There will be a number of return trips starting from noon.

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