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Mtarfa, Mdina And Rabat Local Councils Oppose Mdina Grand Prix

The local councils of Mdina, Rabat and Mtarfa have joined forces to voice their strong opposition to the upcoming Mdina Grand Prix, with them stating that it risks leaving a negative impact on the residents of these towns.

The event, which is planned to take place between the 13th and 16th of October, has received a negative reception from the local councils, with them declaring that they are opposed to the event taking place within the boundaries of their respective localities.

The local councils have jointly stated that the event, which is being organised by Malta Classic 'should take place elsewhere' , and should certainly not occur in Mtarfa, Rabat or Mdina.

The local councils have said in a statement that in principle they 'have nothing against the activity itself or the organisers' , but declared they have 'unanimously agreed in view of the severe inconvenience for the residents and the serious danger resulting from the great congestion that is created during the event.'

The local councils went on to say in their statement that they 'are appealing to the authorities concerned to take any necessary action to find an alternative place for this activity'. Should this not materialise, the local councils have stated that they 'reserve every right to take further steps to safeguard the interests and safety of their residents.'

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