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New Rapper "Ġaħan" Bursts Onto Scene With Brazen Track Inspired By Public Inquiry Revelations

A new Maltese rapper has burst onto the scene. He’s calling himself ‘Gaħan’ and his debut track ‘NOLI’, inspired by the damning conclusions which came from the Daphne Caruana Galizia inquiry report, takes no prisoners.

Speaking to SideStreet the rapper, who keeps his identity concealed, said that there was a time when hip/hop used to be the voice of the people, now rappers only talk about money and women.

“That’s why I choose to wear a mask and stay anonymous. I speak for the people, who are tired of not having their voice heard” he said.

When questioned, Ġaħan explained that his name isn't inspired by the recent leaked WhatsApp chats where Labour MP Edward Zammit Lewis uses the term "Laburist Ġaħan", but rather that "the name Ġaħan comes from the fact that in old Maltese folklore Ġaħan was a wise guy who humorously commented on the state of Maltese society, the rapper told SideStreet. There are many instances of the same character around the Mediterranean with similar names.

"When Ġaħan entered Maltese pop culture, the people labelled him as a fool that doesn't know what he's saying. The name is inspired by the fact that I am nothing but a character ready to comment on society without holding back."

The rapper teased a lot more music, saying that a new mixtape is set to be released soon.

What do you think of the track? Has Ġaħan piqued your interest?

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