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Overdevelopment Costing Gozo Its Charm, Tourism Association Warns

Gozo is losing its trademark characteristics and charm due to overdevelopment. This conclusion was unanimously reached by the members of the Gozo Tourism Association, after they participated in an online survey which took place over the past two weeks.

Whilst 100% of the survey's respondents were concerned by the impact which overdevelopment is having on Gozo's charm, a further 91% said that overdevelopment will deter both foreign and local tourists from visiting Gozo altogether.

The respondents were also concerned for Gozo's current inflow of tourists, with over 81% saying that unfinished projects are giving Gozo a shabby look. 62% agreed that Gozo needs a general clean-up, as well as continuous maintenance of public places, playing fields, public gardens and green areas.

The survey's respondents also said that their establishments are in dire need of renovation and upgrading. However, 95% said that they are unable to do so due to a lack of finances.

Another concern that was raised was the lack of human resources in the Gozo tourism industry, with employment within the public sector being flagged as a main concern by 66%. 64% proposed favourable tax incentives, whilst 54% suggested a fast track for work permits and visa applications for tourism employees.

"The survey confirmed the tourism sector in Gozo is seriously concerned about the over development in Gozo," the association said in a statement.

Are you concerned by the overdevelopment occurring in Gozo?

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