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Persian Pets In Prison: Iran Cracks Down On All Pets


The place of origin of Persian cats, Iran, is tightening the screws on pet owners and their fur babies. Simultaneously, dog walking in parks has been criminalized and Iranian Parliament passed a bill restricting all pet ownership. Strangely, the pet debate in Iran goes back 20 years. However, following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, pets, specifically dogs, became a sign of ‘Westernization’.


The problem is so serious that a so-called pet-prison has been established and is a haven for animal cruelty.

According to the Protection of the Public's Rights Against Animals bill, all pet ownership will be restricted by the need of a permit. Steep prices will be put in place for anyone smuggling in all pets from rabbits to turtles.

Less Severe

Ironically, this is less severe than the proposed bill years ago which called for the confiscation of all dogs and their release into the desert. Their owners would then face corporal punishment.

The crusade against pets goes as far as to ban imports of pet food with the excuse of economic gain. Pets are currently surviving on black market pet food with naturally high prices.

Did you ever imagine such a systematic dystopia of animal cruelty?

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