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Scientists Hope To Revive Tasmanian Tiger Back From Extinction

The scientific project aimed at resurrecting the Tasmanian tiger back from extinction is a joint initiative between Australian and US researchers, who will be embarking upon a multi-million dollar project.

The researchers overseeing the project have stated that the Tasmanian tiger can be recreated by means of using stem cell and gene-editing technology, with it being projected that the first of its kind can be re-introduced into the wild in 10 years time.

The last captive Tasmanian tiger, officially known as a thylacine , had died at Hobart Zoo in 1936. The animal had earned its nickname from the stripes along its back, with it actually being a marsupial , an Australian mammal which raises its young in its pouch.

The population of Tasmanian tigers had started to decline when humans first arrived in Australia tens of thousands of year ago, with the rate of decline being accelerated when a species of wild dog, called dingoes, appeared. Ultimately, the marsupial only roamed freely on the island of Tasmania, and was ultimately hunted down to the point of extinction.

Should the project be successful, this would be the first ever recorded 'de-extinction' event in history. it has been remarked that the scientists involved in the project will retrieve stem cells from a living marsupial species with similar DNA, and then use gene-editing technology to ' bring back' the extinct species, or at least an extremely close approximation of it.

There is a considerable amount of scepticism surrounding this research project from within the scientific community, with many viewing de-extinction as pure science fiction, and many are doubtful of the science behind such an initiative.

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