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Slaughtered Turtles Wash Up In Japan, Fishermen Allegedly Responsible


Locals of Kumejima island, Japan made a horrifying discovery yesterday at low tide when the dead bodies of 30 environmentally-threatened green sea turtles. The turtles apparently had been stabbed in the neck by local fishermen.

Police officers and local marine biologists rushed to the scene however there was little they could do as most of the turtles were dead.


A fishing operator has owned up to this act of animal cruelty claiming the slaughter was done to release large turtles entangled in their nets. The smaller turtles did not require such treatment.

The police are now investigating a case of animal cruelty however however any action does not seem to have been taken.


Some turtles not only had neck wounds but also lacerations on their flippers. Apparently the scene was traumatising.

A worker at the island’s Sea Turtle Museum stated, “"I have never seen anything like this before," furthermore, "It is extremely difficult to process this."

What should be done about Japan’s notorious marine animal cruelty problem?

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