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Local Study Reveals New Information On COVID-19’s Negative Effects On The Heart

Viral Study

A local study on the long-term effects of COVID-19, based on hospitalised COVID-19 patients, has produced some fascinating results.

Rachel Xuereb, a PhD Candidate with the University of Malta, under Caroline J Magri, whose work focused on the effects of COVID-19 on the heart, has found some interesting results. The body doesn't fully recover until 5 months after the infection.

Something Chronic

Xuereb has found that signs inferring inflammation and cardiac injury persist, specifically immune cells and components of heart muscle in past COVID-19 patients up to 5 months after the viral infection.

The study supervisor and consultant cardiologist, Caroline J. Magri claims “Something chronic is going on” leaving patients less fit.

Low Data

Magri elaborates on the matter saying that the body takes a longer time than expected to get rid of the virus and that long-term effects remain a question mark. With regards to the damage to the heart, it is believed that it is expected to decline and not leave any long-term effects. “This is very interesting as there is very little data on it in terms of COVID -19

Did you ever contract COVID-19?

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