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Tax Refunds And Stimulus Cheques Disapproved By EU Electoral Watchdog


It turns out this year’s pre-election tax refunds and stimulus cheques distributed by government violate international standards and good practise according to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe known as OSCE, an international election monitoring body.

Bad Timing

OSCE’s report raised question marks regarding the timing of the distribution of the funds, a mere two weeks before election. They claim that such actions “blur the line between country and state” furthermore, they may create, “a favourable perception of a given party or candidate".


OSCE were not the first to criticize the distribution of the funds. Arnold Cassola, an independent candidate, had reported the act to OSCE himself as well as the Malta Electoral Commission outcrying corrupt practices.

OSCE recommended that the Auditor General be empowered to look into misuse of public resources for campaigns and amending legislation to bolster the Electoral Council’s powers of supervision.

Do you think OSCE's observations and suggestions are justified?

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