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The Full Blunt Of The Law: Gozitan Busted By Drug Squad


30-year-old Gozitan Luke Zammit Haber has been arrested by the drug squad following a bust on his Xewkija field.

He is charged with drug trafficking, possession of LSD and Ketamine as well as aggravated possession of cannabis.


Police were tipped off that a field on the outskirts of Xewkija, Gozo was being used to grow cannabis. The area was surveilled for days and included the use of a drone to capture a view of the field. Zammit Haber was busted on site during a raid and has been denied bail.

Not Guilty

Zammit Haber is to be tried by Gozitan Court with evidence consisting of LSD (in Category III), Ketamine and being over the legal limit of cannabis plants by 51 plants apart from other drug use apparatus. This all points towards alleged trafficking activity. Magistrate Simone Grech is leading the inquiry. Zammit Haber pleads 'not guilty’.

How do you think the court case will pan out?

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