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To Infinity And Beyond: James Webb Telescope Breaks Records

Unveiling the Beginning

The image partially shown, was unveiled to the US President Joe Biden yesterday. It is claimed to be the “deepest and most detailed” view of the universe to date.

Further images are to be published soon. What’s more, the new telescope is just getting warmed up.

The James Webb Space Telescope is the successor of the Hubble Space telescope, launched on Christmas Day 2021. The same image would have taken Hubble weeks to capture, James Webb took it in 12.5 hours. It has 2 primary goals:

1.Capture images of the first stars to emanate in the Universe 13.5 billion years ago.

2.To not only detect but probe distant planets and analyse them for any life.

The first goal is on its way to being achieved, the cluster of galaxies shown are “only” 4.6 billion lightyears away. They will be pushing further shortly.

The second goal is a work in progress with the detection of WASP-96, a planet too close to its parent star to sustain life. However scientists are hopeful of further research.

What does it feel like to see part of the beginning of it all?

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