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"Today I Did Something Bad"- Abner Aquilina, Murder Confession Caught On Camera

Abner Aquilina's confession to rape and murder was caught on police body cam, court testimony revealed this morning.


Horrifying testimony in court today when Inspector Shawn Pawney, who was the first person to report on Dembska's dead body, testified that the victim had tears around the vagina. He revealed that Paulina Dembska's genitals were left mutilated in the assault she allegedly suffered at the hands of the accused Abner Aqulina. Police believe that 'Aquilina used a set of keys during the attack'. The inspector said the cuts were long and deep and she was left "somewhat mutilated".

The Devil Made Me Do It

It was further reported that initially, during the first minute of the first interrogation, Aquilina had pretended to be insane, but upon the police seeing through his ruse stopped. Aquilina told police “I killed a person and then raped her. I didn't mean to hurt her so much." furthermore, he killed her “because she resisted” him, elaborating that he killed her before raping her.

Regarding motive he claims he received orders from Satan. He claims he “defied him” (Satan) as he failed to sexually assault the victim as specifically directed. “He told me to put the sperm inside....I didn't want to give her my sperm because giving sperm is giving your soul". He was then ordered to "kill two other people" apart from Dembska. "I've only carried out 33% of the plan," he told police. He then began stalking a Maltese woman with red hair as his next victim. He claims he smelt her.

Out of a Sci-Fi

Asked about what he remembers about the murder, Aqulina was able to recall details. But, as soon as Aquilina felt pressured he said that the "magnets" in his brain were "so strong that they had cancelled out all memory of those few seconds."

When shown images of Dembska's body, he initially claimed that he did not recognise the victim but "He was very uncomfortable seeing the photos finally stating “it’s useless showing me these. I don’t know her.” Then he said he was receiving some 'frequencies' which were affecting him.

When asked if he had any remorse, "He made it clear that he distinguishes right from wrong, but did not want to say if he was sorry."

At the end of the interrogation, Aquilina gave police an ‘A++' for effort. “Well done for the effort....I was close to admitting but you did not succeed,” Abner told investigators.

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