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Tommy Wallbank Presents €10,000 Check To Puttinu Cares

16-year-old Tommy Wallbank presented a €10,000 cheque to Puttinu Cares on Wednesday to commemorate the memory of his friend Rebecca Zammit Lupi.

The money is the fruit of 1,000km of running after Tommy pledged back in March that he would run 1km for every €5 donated. His initial goal was to raise €500 and run 100km, but as donations poured in, he eventually capped his total running distance at 1,000km – the equivalent of running around Malta six-and-a-half times.

Wallbank persisted in his efforts despite sitting for his O'level examinations throughout the runs. He found solace in using them as a break to regain his focus whilst also feeling pleased that what he was doing was for a good cause.

Puttinu Cares wrote on social media “We are honoured to have met an inspiration. Well done, Tommy you’re a champion ”

Well done from the SideStreet team

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