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Uber Under Fire: Info Leaks Reveal Possibly Illegal Tactics


Mobile cab company Uber that came to Malta recently has been revealed to have influenced world leaders in order to aid its massive expansion. Information gathered via a leak by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists lay the company’s dirty history out to dry.


Uber’s aggressive expansion policy, beginning almost 10 years ago, back when Travis Kalanick was CEO may have turned to dirty tricks for its purpose. Kalanick himself was forced to resign in 2017 against unethical management accusations deemed ‘psychological harassment’ as well as sexual misdeeds.


The International Consortium revealed the role major world leaders had in the expansion of the company. A big fan being French President Emmanuel Macron who fancied France to be a ‘start-up’ nation and was found to have corrected French law for Uber’s purposes. Other leaders Uber lobbied to include US President Joe Biden and Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu.

SideStreet questions any involvement of political lobbies based on Uber's recent move to Malta. What do you think?

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