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Unidentified: Body Found In Birzebbugia Raises Questions, Situation Still Developing

Grim Discovery

A male body was found in a field under some trees near Triq Għar Dalam, in Birzebbugia following an anonymous tip off to the police. The body itself had been there for a while and partially due to the summer weather was in such a state of decomposition that no immediate identification was possible.

An autopsy and DNA testing are planned in order to definitively confirm the identity of the body.

Joint Effort

Zejtun police found the body on Thursday at 18:30 following an anonymous tip-off reporting a lifeless body under the trees.

An inquiry was immediately opened on confirmation of the tip-off by Duty Magistrate Gabriella Vella with a joint effort of the Major Crimes Unit, District Police and the Police Forensic Science Laboratory.

Ongoing Search

The involvement of the Major Crimes Unit, which has a homicide branch, means that foul play has not been ruled out yet.

This news is made more worrying following the reports of two missing two elderly men who have, as of yet, not been found. Fino’s family posted an appeal on Facebook saying to be on the lookout in fields in certain areas. They are private property and so cannot be searched.

SideStreet will keep you updated on the ongoing case.

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