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WARNING: Maltese Food Manufacturers Warn Of 400% Price Increases

Manufacturers of local food products (particularly carbohydrate based) are warning that they are feeling the squeeze from the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine have a collective share of 30% of the world grain supply.

Local manufacturers and importers have been shielding consumers from the steadily increasing costs of cereals such as wheat, barley and oats. This is something that they warn could come to an end, meaning the consumer will suffer the rising prices directly. Globally governments are beginning to raise the alarm as the sanctions on Putin’s Russia begin to show their effects on the fragile global food and energy supply chains.

Malta’s manufacturers have grown increasingly reliant on Russian raw materials over the last 30 years and without the cheap imports from Russia and Ukraine, manufacturers worry that products such as twistees and those produced by the ‘Devon company’. The UN has warned that the conflict in Ukraine could cause a “hurricane of hunger and a meltdown of the global food system”.

Are you concerned about the conflict in Ukraine’s impacts on the food you eat?

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