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World’s Largest Floating Book Fair, With Over 5000 Books, Docks In Malta

The Logos Hope berthed in Malta yesterday, bringing with it an enormous amount of literature on a wide variety of subjects; all available for purchase.

It is an German NGO dedicated to spreading hope and knowledge through its books and by its example

Land Ahoy

Logos Hope, known as the world’s largest floating book fair, docked at the Valletta Waterfront yesterday. The Hope is the fourth ship of the German NGO “Good Books for All”; it was previously commissioned as a Swedish ferry.

The planning for the trip to Malta took over six weeks and spent 3 days traveling, having set sail from Spain.


The NGO has been sailing its books around the world for the last 50 years. It’s 300-strong crew consists entirely of volunteers from around the world.

A project operator Rachel Wadsworth stated “The ship and crew’s mission is to "spread knowledge, help, and hope,” Furthermore, it wishes to prove how diverse people can live together as a community.

Will you be visiting the Logos Hope this weekend?

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