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When you can't go a podcast, the podcast comes to you! Sidestreet's Pop Up Podcast brings together the concept of pop up to the trend of podcast content. Covering a selection of topics, our Sidestreet hosts invite a number of strangers for discussions, arguments and plenty of banter.  You can watch full episodes above, or our bite-sized summaries below. Keep your eyes peeled for our next session of the Pop Up Podcast!


EP. 01 - What's the single most pressing issue facing our country?

Maria tells Max why she thinks rent is the single most pressing issue currently being faced by Malta

EP. 02 - Do strict parents make rebellious

Ilenia and Ali take a look back at their upbringing and wonder strict parents are the reason why teens get into a rebellious streak

EP. 03 - Do you think
you're better than
everyone else?

Alex, together with Ali, take on the issue of ego and how to improve a person's self-worth and confidence in themselves

EP. 04 - Do you think you'll ever be rich and is it important to you?

International student George from Greece tells Ali the reasons why he believes wealth is important in order to lead a comfortable life

EP. 05 - What frustrates you most about Malta's education system?

Tommy tackles the faults in Malta's education system, and what he thinks could be done to address them

EP. 06 - What's the single most pressing issue facing our country?

After Maria, it's Michael's turn to say what issue he found most pressing in Malta, especially as an international student from Ireland

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