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1st Foreign Journalist Killed By Russian Forces In Ukraine

As the war in Ukraine rages on and into its 3rd week, reports coming out of the country have confirmed the fatal shooting of 50-year-old US filmmaker/journalist Brent Renaud. Renaud is the first foreign journalist to have been killed in the conflict.

Renaud had been in Ukraine on an assignment, covering the humanitarian displacement and fighting when all of a sudden his vehicle encountered heavy gunfire.

The attack allegedly occurred while he and a few other journalists were crossing a bridge to the Ukrainian city of Irpin. Two other reporters were injured in the attack.

Renaud’s vehicle was allegedly hit by intense small-arms fire, striking him personally a few times, including a fatal shot to the neck.

False pictures of a ‘New York Times’ press pass belonging to Renaud were circulated online. The newspaper has stated that Renaud was last employed by them in 2015 but was not in the country on a task issued by them.

Renaud spent his career reporting from other war zones such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Haiti. His killing comes 2 weeks after another killing of a Ukrainian journalist in a rocket strike.

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