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5-Year-Old Girl Who Tested Positive For COVID-19 Dies

A five-year-old girl who tested positive for COVID-19 has died, Deputy Prime Minister Chris Fearne has confirmed.

At this time, it has not been confirmed that her death was directly related to COVID. An autopsy will be undertaken to determine her exact cause of death.

The girl arrived at the hospital in critical condition on Saturday and was immediately placed under a ventilator. She was running a very high fever.

The first swab test came back negative, but a second test, taken after she had already passed away, came back as “mildly reactive” to the virus.

Mildly Reactive

Dr Fearne qualified that the PCR test was “mildly reactive”. He explained that swab results come in different degrees. If a swab test is mildly reactive then there is not enough viral material to confirm that a person was COVID positive, but it indicates that they have been in contact with a positive case.

An inquiry into the death is currently underway


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