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8 Hospitalised In 'Party Truck' Crash, 23-Year Old Still In Danger Of Dying

8 people have been placed in Mater Dei for treatment including one pregnant woman following a collision between a truck full of partying Labour supporters and a small city car. The accident occurred on the Marsa bypass after the announcement of the election results last Sunday. The state of the pregnant woman hospitalised for observation is unknown.

3 more people were rushed to hospital (including a young boy and his mother) due to the negligent discharge of a flare inside a vehicle. Multiple flares were shot with little to no police enforcement. A 23-year-old woman is still in danger of dying and a 5 year old boy sustained grievous injuries.

In a speech to his supporters, the newly re-elected Prime Minister called for humility from his party’s side, stating that he wouldn’t “tolerate arrogance from anyone”.

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