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Androgynous Woman Laughed at by Hospital Security Guards After Asking Where The Gynae Is

Image Source: Lovin Malta

It’s the year 2020, and things like this are still happening.

LGBTIQ+ person Gabriella Cassar Meli was laughed at by a Mater Dei security guard for asking where the gynecology department is.

“Aren’t you a man?” the female security guard told Gabriella. Not taking offense to the initial mistake, Gabriella clarified that she is indeed a woman. However instead of apologizing the security guard said : “Give me a chance so I can laugh a bit.”

In a social media post, Garbiella wrote:

“I am angry and disgusted. It continues to confirm just how much we have to educate people, not only on LGBTIQ+ rights but on basic respect.”

Updated: Following this incident the woman forgave the security guard stating that she did not wish to hurt her by bringing the incident to public attention and was glad that the Guard had learned from the situation which was the scope of this. See here:


What do you make of the situation?

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