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Biden Accidentally Calls For Regime Change In Russia

The Kremlin has condemned US President Joe Biden’s description of Vladimir Putin as a ‘butcher’ who should not be in power. The Kremlin has stated that personal attacks will only hinder bilateral negotiations. Biden’s comments were downplayed by the White House by stating the President had not called for any form of ‘regime change’. Biden made these comments during a meeting with NATO allies and top Ukrainian officials in Poland where he warned Russia not to step foot on a single inch of NATO territory.

Biden’s commentary came as part of a longer speech in which he expressed his solidarity with the struggle of the Ukrainian people and cast doubts on Russia’s recent decision to concentrate its efforts in the disputed Eastern regions. Biden also stated that ordinary Russian people were not their enemy and that they should hold their leadership responsible for the waves of sanctions befalling their country at present. Tension in the Kremlin is running high as Putin faces pressure from a failing invasion and widespread public outrage.

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