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Blekout, Norman Glowell, Future-stizzi: Meet Pokémon

Updated: Aug 27, 2021

It’s the content you never asked for but are probably glad exists! Maltese Pokèmon have landed and they’re so much more than what we could have ever imagined.

Born out of the mind of popular Tiktok personality James Ryder meet: Sinestra, Norman Glowell, Blekout, Ira Loco and Future-stizz, a new range of Pokèmon created specifically for Maltese audiences.

1. Sinestra Sinestra is the final evolution of Ryder’s home-cooking pokemon, a sinister evolution of “Minestra”, sinister because Ryder added a gun to a pot of soup.

2. Norman Glowell Norman Glowell is, well, a lightbulb with a swastika on it. An obvious nod towards Imperium Europa leader Norman Lowell, infamous for his racist outbursts holocaust denials.

3. Blekout As you sit melting in your room during a power outage, you can now blame the Pokèmon Blekout. Obviously inspired by the recent spate of blackouts in Malta, Blekout evolves from Dlam and Dlumdlum. (creativity at it’s finest)

4. Ira Loco If you’re crazy for Eurovision, the Pokèmon Ira Loco’s for you! Evolving from Maltastrong and Eurobashin’, Ira Loco is an artistic representation of how the Maltese lose their minds every year when the Eurovision song contest rolls around.

5. Future-stizz Last but not least we have the pastizzi pokemon, Future-stizz. So here’s the joke: Future-stizz evolves from Past-tizz, get it future, past? Maybe futher down the line Future-stizz can mega-evolve into everyone’s favourite pastizzi pokemon, “Irkotta-stizz”

Ryder's original sketches, by his own admission, left much to be desired and that's where the local artists stepped in and created some seriously creative and detailed designs! Just check these out:

Whether you've been a Pokemon fan all your life or you just heard the name for the first time now there's no denying there's something truly unique and compelling about these localised renditions of the classic characters from the Japanese anime television series.

What are your suggestions for other Maltese Pokemon?

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