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Carmelo Abela Was Promised €300,000 From The HSBC Bank Heist For His Help - Jason Azzopardi

Jason Azzopardi has uploaded a Facebook post accusing the sitting minister Carmelo Abela of complicity in a 2010 botched HSBC bank heist.

Azzopardi was reacting to a Facebook status uploaded by Minister Carmelo Abela in which he called Jason Azzopardi a "a liar, he loves to lie, especially to his ex-wife" "Azzopardi loves to play the virgin and the puritan, when he's anything but" Abela said in scronful Facebook post.

Jason Azzopardi didn't hold back in his retort and came back all guns blazing making some massive accusations.

"I might not be a saint, but at least I'm not an accomplice in the HSBC hold up"

"At least I didn't aid the mastermind of the crime by giving him confidential footage of the bank and fake keys to get in"

"At least I wasn't an accomplice in the hold-up with the promise of being €300,000 in proceeds from the theft"

"At least I wasn't an accomplice in an attempted murder, and I didn't threaten witnesses over the phone"

Minister Carmelo Abela has categorically denied any involvement in a bank heist, describing any links to him as "stories, fairy tales and inventions".

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