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Confessions Of A Frustrated Student

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The gradual wave of disappointment which has been washing over us since October has finally reached its point of overwhelming exhaustion. Our demanding role as students should never, ever reach a point where it affects our mental and physical health. We have arrived at a point of insurmountable stress and total exhaustion trying to live up to a sense of normalcy which has been taken away from us.

Spending months inside and having our life come to a jarring halt was not something we could have ever expected. But for the entire education system to ignore this reality by bombarding us with massive work loads, completely disregarding our mental well-being, is purely irresponsible.

To say that the schools have tried their absolute best to adapt to our needs would be a complete lie. Any student can second that statement. The illusion of normalcy presented by schools at a time where normalcy is anything but, is proof that the education system didn't bother to try and change with the times. The flawed implementation of the online lessons system is also incredibly problematic considering it's clearly the safer route.

Students aren't being handed the right materials, the lessons are not being taken seriously and yet the work load represents a system that's been running smoothly with assignments galore. There was no easing back into this routine, there was nothing which prepared neither the students or the teachers for this and yet we are expected to give our all every single day.

The irresponsibility of this decision has resulted in burnout among the students and has garnered the collective doubt of whether this continuous exhaustion is even worth the effort anymore.

The continuous disregard for our mental health is genuinely embarrassing. Students should not be begging to live a life outside of school.

Writing such a message should not feel like an act of rebellion. We should not be writing or asking for basic respect and appropriate scheduling. And to anyone responsible reading this: before you rely on the calamitous behavior that is telling students to "deal with it" or that "there's nothing that can be done", know that our complaints will not stop until something is done.

Without the students, there is no school. If we burn out, you burn with us.


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