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  • Alex Galea

Europe Calls On Malta To Comply With EU Vaccine Certificate Expiry Date

Airports across the EU are calling for Malta to comply with the EU standard expiry date of 9 months. Malta is standing by its 3-month expiry date, saying it has the right to create its own rules.

Malta has been imposing stricter rules for vaccine certificates than the rest of Europe since the start of the year, with very little real justification for setting the validity of the initial vaccination to a mere 3 months. Health officials at the top levels of both the EU and WHO are taking a step back and openly admitting that the effectiveness of booster shots is coming into question, especially for those healthy enough not to need it.

“Member states cannot provide for a shorter nor for a longer acceptance period.” said officials in Brussels.

Malta seems to be ignoring these calls, using “safeguarding public health” as its justification for not matching EU standards. This is likely in a bid to avoid public embarrassment and prevent further mistrust of the government’s handling of the vaccination drive.

A step back at a critical moment when protests every weekend only seem to grow would be a fatal move, to say the least.

Do you trust the government’s response so far?

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