• Luigi Sapiano

How Does A 25-Year Old Prisoner Die In His Sleep ?

Image Source: Times Of Malta

A 25-year-old man was found dead in a prison cell on Thursday morning. Authorities did not say he died ‘from natural causes’ or ‘from underlying conditions’, they said he died in his sleep.

His name was Ihtisham Ihtisham. Malta was the island he chose in the hopes of starting a better life. Instead he ended up spending 6 months in a prison cell after being caught in possession of a forged asylum document and died behind bars.

He was due to be released on Christmas Day.

His family now want answers as to how a healthy young man could have died in his sleep and why authorities did not immediately inform them about his death.

Over the past two years, 11 inmates have died at Corradino, all of them under the watch of prison director Lt.Alex Dalli. The colonel is notorious for his strongman approach to running prison, successfully abolishing drugs in a previously drug ridden prison.

But his unorthodox methods are now proving to have fatal side effects. News of prisoners’ death have become normal, with the government seemingly turning a blind eye to Dalli’s culpability as prison director responsible for the safety and security of his inmates.

It’s time we started asking more questions and demanding answers …

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