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Ian Borg Found To Be 'Not Credible' In His Defense, Accused Of Taking Advantage Of Mentally-ill Man

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Image Source: Manuel Delia. com

A court has ruled against Transport Minister Ian Borg in a libel case today, in which he was found to be ‘not credible’ and his testimony ‘hard to believe’

The case related to an article which the Malta Independent published back in 2015, where they reported that 66-year old Anthony Scicluna, a vulnerable person afflicted by mental health issues, had sold property to Ian Borg.

The court said it found it hard to believe Borg’s claim that he was not aware of his Dingli neighbor’s mental issues. The court also questioned how Borg had managed to wrap up the final deed of sale in such a short span of time “within 24 hours,”.

It concluded that Borg should have been aware that Scicluna was a vulnerable man, and that he should have ensured that the seller sought professional advice before selling the property to him at a price that was well below market value.


What do you make of this case ?

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