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INTERVIEW: Local Filmmaker Laments The Destruction Of The Maltese Islands In Poignant Short Film

A Gozitan filmmaker is using the artistic medium of film to warn the Maltese people that Gozo will soon succumb to the same fate of it’s sister island if nobody stands up to the ‘monstrous proposals’ which are destroying its natural environment.

Chelsea Muscat was inspired to create the short film after finding out that a permit had been issued to build 71 apartments, 74 garages and a communal pool in her hometown of Nadur.

“My conscience would not let me sleep unless I acted upon the issue.” she told SideStreet “It was obvious I had to make a film.”

Muscat’s video shows the beauty of the Gozitan island juxtaposed against footage of heavy machinery and the high rise buildings which are slowly eating away at the natural arable land, evoking a sense of deep concern among viewers.

“People need to realize sun, nature and the sea are a privilege and soon enough if gozo gets overrun by taller high rises you won't be able to see it anymore. I thank gozo everyday for giving me light, love, sun and sea” the aspiring filmmaker continued.

Asked what she hoped to achieve with her video Chelsea said: “I hope it inspires people to speak, to come together, to just start being vocal, then it becomes a snowball effect. One person speaks and we normalize the conversation so others begin talking about it.”

Chelsea Muscat is urging people to write to the Planning Authority and object to the development. She also urged people in positions of power who can make a difference to “build wisely, with true purpose, with safety, with proper wages, with proper investigation on how it will affect the environment, the locals and the farmers"

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