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Jon Mallia Makes Argument For A New Political Party

Podcaster and political commentator Jon Mallia has made a strong argument for a new political party in Malta, following the eye-opening results in the last general election.

Mallia argues that around 69,000 are no longer subscribing to the standard “PL/PN” narrative which has dominated local politics in the last 50 years. Mallia referenced the amount of voters who abstained, invalidated their vote or voted for third parties in this election.

“This is an opportunity to change things forever”, Mallia said. “Wake up and let's seize this golden opportunity,”

The 2022 election saw a record low turnout, and record number of votes being given to independent parties and third parties.

Do you think a political revolution is on the horizon? And would you like to see @jon.mallia lead it?

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